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We were created to stimulate change, effectuate growth and bring awareness to minority owned and operated businesses throughout Leon, Gadsden, Franklin, Jefferson and Wakulla counties.

Our mission is to create and promote a climate in which minority and women-owned businesses can operate in a productive and profitable manner and to stimulate grassroot economic growth and development within the North Florida region we serve.

We are committed to our initiatives and welcome the opportunity to work for you. Please take this opportunity to learn more about the BBMC, our programs and our membership benefits.

Camp ‘Treppie


Summer isn’t the time to stop learning.

Sure, it’s great to get out of the traditional classroom.  But it doesn’t mean your child’s brain should take a three-month hiatus.

Camp ‘Treppie is a five-day summer leadership and learning experience for teens who dream of being entrepreneurs!  Based on award-winning curriculum from three five-star, proven programs, Camp ‘Treppie is an opportunity for your budding business owner, your impatient inventor, your enterprising entrepreneur to focus solely on something they are interested in, and explore possibilities that could last a lifetime.

And it doesn’t end there.  This is a camp that combines character-building life lessons with the pursuit of high ideals.  At Camp ‘Treppie, we believe things like integrity, courage, and accountability lie at the core of successful business leaders.  So each day begins and ends with a commitment to developing the internal moral compass.

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